1. Cryptocurrency Dominates Online Payment Methods

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have become ever more popular with online casinos, and are now offered by virtually every casino site and app.

Largely predicted as the new generation and standard for secure online banking, cryptocurrency is likely to soon become the preferred method for online casinos, along with many other types of online business.

2. The Rise Of Female Gamblers


Analysis of online casino stats has revealed a remarkable rise in female gamblers over past years, a trend with is said to be on a steady increase.

New market strategies are being developed as a result, aiming to capitalise on the trend, shifting focus in the industry that has, for the most part, been aimed at men.

3. Virtual Reality Is Making Big Waves

As one of the more exciting emerging technologies in recent times, VR has naturally been fully embraced by online casinos. Currently the world’s very first online casinos are available to experience from a number of top online casino sites and casino game developers.

Soon, with the price of VR technology and devices becoming ever more popular and viable for the everyday person, incredible breath-taking virtual casinos, set in exotic fantasy virtual worlds, will be opening their doors, and with every conceivable casino games, from roulette to poker, available to play in virtual form.

4. Consumer Needs Are Constantly Changing The Market


Though online casinos have reached phenomenal success these days, the road has not been without its twists and turns, with the steep growth and decline of competing markets and technologies being a constant threat in its formation and evolution.

One of the ways they’ve achieved their success though, like any good business, is by paying close attention to the customers themselves. Online casinos are now becoming highly proficient at it, enticing customers with free games, and constantly improving their platform and adding better content and features. By studying other market trends, they have now also begun to capitalise on alternative forms of revenue such as utilising in-app purchases and branded merchandise.

5. Liver Dealer Casinos Are Becoming Popular

Live dealer casinos are a new alternative way to play online casino games that are becoming steadily more and more popular at online casino sites.

They generally have all the same options and basic features as an average online casino game would, such as the player stats and HUD, the options screen, etc. Instead of playing a digitally created game though, with computer graphic imagery, a real-life casino dealer is streamed to you live and in real-time instead.

The live dealer then operates all the functions of the game according to your choices, from spinning the roulette wheel to dealing your cards, just as a dealer would if you were to visit an actual casino establishment. Live dealer casinos are even set with authentic looking backdrops for added atmosphere, and the dealers themselves are friendly and well-trained professionals.

Perhaps the most appealing part of live dealer casino games, however, is that, by simply having a real-life person as your dealer, they will be using “actual” random chance rather than the random chance that is created by the RNG “random number generator”, a mechanism within all other digitally created casino games.

6. The Continued Decline Of Live Casinos Brings New Customers


All things have a beginning and an end, and so it could be that the time of the world-famous mega-casinos of gambling meccas like Las Vegas and Macau, is finally drawing to a close. With less attendance and customers than ever before recorded in recent years, following the restrictions of the Covid19 pandemic, this has only gotten worse for the once great titans of the gambling world.

Online casinos like have been on the receiving side of it, however, being a natural alternative for gamblers to flock to.

Conventional live casino establishments are not likely going to disappear overnight though. With so much money, business, and infrastructure, invested in them and their sprawling resorts, hotels and entertainment facilities, they will likely adapt, and shift focus to holidaymakers and tourists instead.

7. The Growing Popularity Of Wearables

“Wearables” is the latest term given to wearable smart devices, and the most popular of which is currently the smart watch.

Though slow to take off in past years compared to other popular smart-mobile devices, smart watches have now truly begun to gain traction, and, being the most mobile and practical smart device yet created, may soon very well become the leaders in the next generation of mobile tech.

Smart watches, after all, are now able to do most of what a phone can do, like making calls, audio and video, browsing the internet, using apps, and of course, playing online casino games.

8. The Emergence Of New Types Of Gaming Platforms


Browser-based online casino games have been enjoying a steady increase in popularity over past years, largely due to the convenience factor it offers over games that have to be installed on a device. Browser-based games, as the name suggests, can be played directly from the browser of virtually any device with minimal fuss, and though they tend to be somewhat simpler and lighter in features than installed games, they have however steadily become a mainstay of most online casino sites.

In more recent times, and on a similar vein, “cloud gaming” has begun to gain the interest of online casinos and players alike. Like browser-based games, cloud gaming offers the unique opportunity of playing games without pre-installing them. In this case, they are instead streamed directly to a device instead.

Unlike browser-based games though, cloud games can be of any size or complexity. Cloud gaming sites can also allow one to play games that usually wouldn’t run on a device that is, say, too old and outdated. It furthermore enables everything involving the game to be stored directly on the cloud, and together with all of the above, plus a highly affordable subscription, make cloud gaming an ideal choice of platform for online casino gamers that are looking for convenience and ease-of-use above all else.