Matchless is proud to be one of the last small, independent venues in Williamsburg/Greenpoint for over 15 years hosting bands, parties, DJ’s, and private events seven nights a week.

Our spaces include:

  • Front Bar with photo booth, projector, TVs, and DJ equipment
  • Back Room Venue with full state of the art sound and lighting systems, backline, stage (17′dx13w′x2′), and bar
  • Outdoor Patio that connects to the rear venue via roll up door
  • Back Annex with foosball table and booth seating

If you’re interested in playing or booking Matchless for a private event, please contact: For bands, if possible please include a link to a site where we can stream your music online (Facebook, Bandcamp, etc).

DJ EQUIPMENT in our front room consists of:

  • 2 Technics 1200 turntables with 1/8″ mini aux-in
  • 1 Numark M3 DJ mixer
  • Samson monitor
  • ***DJ’s must bring own needles, headphones

VENUE SPECS for our back room:


  • Board: Allen & Heath ZED420 16 channel board w/ 20 inputs with full effects rack (delay/reverb/compressor/gate/graphic EQ)
  • PA: 2 – JBL SF 25 speakers, 2 EV Subs
  • 2 front and 1 drum monitors


  • 4 Shure SM58s
  • 2 AKG D9000
  • 1 Shure SM57
  • 1 Shure Beta52 (Kick Drum)


  • 5 Piece, Ludwig Accent Custom CS drum shells (22″ kick, 16″ floor tom, 12″ & 10″ rack toms), Pearl snare
  • Drum hardware includes hi-hat stand, two boom and 1 straight cymbal stands, individual drum stands for both floor toms and snare, and throne. Mapex single kick pedal.
  • ***Drummers must bring, cymbals, sticks, hi-hat clutch, cymbal felts + wing nuts. They are encouraged to bring their own snare and kick pedal


  • 1 – Line6 4×12 guitar cab w/ Celestion speakers – 2/4/8/16Ω 160W stereo / 320W mono
  • 1 – Epiphone Blues Custom 30 2×12 guitar combo amp (click link for info) – NOTE: Reverb channel not working
  • 1 – SWR bass 750 head w/ DI (click link for info) – 750W
  • 1 – Hartke 4×10 bass cab – 8Ω
  • ***Guitarists need to bring their own head if not using the combo. We prefer if bassists use our amp to save on space and hassle.

For questions regarding sound and backline, contact Jack at