The thrilling story game World of Warcraft has been capturing the attention of thousands of players for over ten years, which should not be overlooked. The development of the plot and the gradual improvement of the game dragged on for many years. The modern version of the popular game has changed significantly, and the number of characters has increased.

It won’t be necessary to play for different teams to form an opinion on each character. It is enough to read a brief description of the characteristics of the characters. The main topic of this guide is Arms Warrior. The character can participate in numerous battles and be allowed to gain a victory if following some recommendations.

Pros and cons of choosing the Arms Warrior


The Warrior’s specialization has caused numerous verbal battles but is still desirable. A flexible set of abilities allows customizing characteristics to your liking. This opportunity doesn’t come around as often as you’d like.

However, Warrior’s owners will need a lot of patience to hone their skills. Setting up a character takes a long time, but the result is worth the effort. The list of pros of the hero will please with its variety. Furthermore, the Warrior gets the title of universal player. Such results have been achieved thanks to:

  1. Flexibility. The abilities’ customization allows improving the character to match personal perceptions. The hero can deal damage to both single and multiple targets, and an explosive attack adds a few points to the Warrior.
  2. Mobility. The player’s speed depends on Dart, Intervention, and Heroic Leap. These skills play a decisive role during the battle, and high mobility proves their importance.
  3. Defense. An extensive list of abilities that can improve defensive characteristics should not be ignored. Add to that the ability to enhance attacks, and you have the perfect character for raids.

Warrior failed to take the top spot on the list of favorite characters. The reason lies in the fact that inflicting explosive damage does not work all the time. The talents that are responsible for the success of the “operation” are mutually exclusive. Apart from that, character rotation cannot be called exciting.

Priority Characteristics for Warriors


The specialization requires special attention to the list of priorities. Characteristics that allow achieving goals are particularly flexible in customization. The challenge for the player is to constantly pay attention to selecting new items and enhancing the character’s sides.

The priority characteristics are as follows:

  • strength
  • critical damage
  • artistry
  • versatility
  • speed.

Critical damage and strength have been prioritized in the new version of the game, so it is worth paying attention to them first. The ability to combine several talents allows opting for fast damage and using the skill on the battlefield with any opponent.

Equipment for Warriors that have Weapon Specialization


Finding the necessary items can take a long time, so the recommendations of regular players always come down to the same opinion. Not being able to get some equipment from the list of suitable options does not mean defeat. Not being able to fight for artifacts for a long time indicates that the items are interchangeable.

There is no need to fight for gladiator status because making a simple substitution turns out to be beneficial for everyone. Remember that it is up to you to decide on the choice of equipment. The list of preferred kits is based on the experience of active users and includes:

  • Kel’Thuzad (helmet and weapon);
  • Remnant of Ner’zhul (amulet for protection);
  • Soulrender Dormazain (shoulder pads, cape, and accessory);
  • The Eye of the Jailer (wristbands, accessory).

Take into account your preferences and follow safety measures. Enhanced characteristics allow protecting the hero during battles regardless of the locations (raids, dungeons, islands). Get more useful tips on thematic sites and resources or buy WoW boosting service. Here, hundreds of players have been able to find hints and make their game-play more exciting. The ability to improve one’s character in a short period remains available, so users turn to the experts for help.

Support from experienced players allows you to assess your level of training and engage in battle with your opponents. Winning battles is the main goal, so you should not neglect the help offered. Information for tactics development is also provided, which means that players get a lot of advantages.

Legendary Items and Effects for Warriors

A character’s abilities depend not only on the set of artifacts but also on a number of other conditions. The covenant to which the hero belongs can have a significant influence. Some effects can be strengthened by careful selection of finds and study of suggested properties.

Since all the classes managed to get new abilities in the update, you should not count on a significant enhancement. Thus, the purchase of an artifact can lead to unexpected results.

If you plan to go on a raid, it’s worth determining the list of available effects. The following abilities are of particular interest to players:

  1. Preparatory Strike. It is better not to use the items from the Peacemaker in conjunction with this effect, so it is better to postpone the artifact utilization until the appropriate occasion.
  2. Nature’s Rage. This effect turns out to be relevant when it comes to battles with multiple targets. Comparing the two listed options, Nature’s Rage loses, but that’s no reason to give it up.
  3. Triumph. The effect can strengthen not only the Warrior himself but also his team. Combatants that are allied gain an additional charge.

Some effects are not immediately available, so you will have to pump up your reputation and level up your character. Careful preparation consists of many steps, but only you decide which of them will be obligatory. In order to use the obtained benefits, you need to curve runes and perform other algorithms of actions.