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What we all cherish is our free time, a time when we have no duties and chores, a time when we can relax and do something fun, if we have enough energy for that, of course. Yes, this fast-paced way of life can be pretty tiresome and exhausting from time to time, leaving us with less than no time for relieving stress and doing something just because it is fun. On the other hand, we live in an age with numerous possibilities, options, and opportunities when it comes to almost everything, spending free time included. Among all other things like playing video games and sports, one activity emerged as people’s favorite, and yeah, we are talking about gambling.

History of gambling

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The sole idea of gambling and betting on various things is nothing new, and it has been with us for centuries. In England, betting is considered as a gentleman’s agreement between two parties, meaning that it has deep roots in our culture. Furthermore, everyone is familiar with a renowned Monte Carlo Casino, and there is probably no person in the world that doesn’t know about Las Vegas. These things say a lot about how much we are fond of gambling, as that thrill and excitement that comes with playing games of chance cannot be compared to anything else.

How the Internet changed everything

Most of the things we do today are based online, regardless of whether it is work-related or something we do in our spare time, and knowing this, it’s nothing unusual that the majority of gamblers turned to online casinos. Now, in the beginning, the experience of playing poker in a land-based casino and online could not be compared, as the software and graphics were, well, not ideal. Of course, as the technology advanced, so did the games and gambling experience you get from playing games of chance online, which led to much more people visiting these websites regularly. There are still some who claim that land-based casinos are better, as they provide something unique that cannot be copied or replaced, but the facts and stats don’t support these claims, so let’s check why.

Much better payouts and odds

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Let’s start with something that every gambler is interested in, as even though we play these games for fun, we also expect to win some cash. Because the overall costs of running a land-based casino are much higher, the house edge of all games is also higher than at online casinos. What this means for us players is that our chances to win and overall payouts are much better when we gamble online.

The variety of games

Many gamblers have a favorite game that they can play all the time, but almost all of them like to try some new one from time to time. Online casinos offer us a great variety of games, and it is nearly impossible not to find the perfect one for each person. There is always something new to try, and because of that, you can never get bored since new games come up all the time. Land-based casinos have a much smaller offer, and it is not a surprise to go there and not find your favorite game. It is also much more difficult for them to follow trends and update their offer every time there is a new game on the market because it is not just expensive, but it can also be too complicated.

Working hours

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Another great fact about online casinos is their working hours since they work all day and night long without any pause. Okay, you can indeed find a land-based casino with the same working hours, but they can sometimes be too empty, and you cannot enjoy playing your favorite game, so you need to check when is the best time to visit them. When it comes to online ones, every time is a great time for playing because they have gamblers from different time zones, and there are always enough people at the table, so there is no need to worry about time.

No waiting time

Just imagine that after all the things you had to do, you finally came to the casino, but unfortunately, there is no seat free at the table. Well, something like this simply cannot happen when playing online, as no matter how many players are currently gambling, there is always an open seat for you to enjoy playing your favorite game.


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Bonuses are a great way to try a new game, play more, or win money without investing any. There are so many of them that we can claim, and the more we play, the more we get. It is true that we can get some bonuses in land-based casinos too, but those in online ones are much higher and more frequent. For starting our gambling journey, in most online casinos, we will get a welcoming bonus that we can use to check the games we are not familiar with. If we decide to stay in that casino, we will certainly get some bonus for our loyalty, and the more we play, the more bonuses we will get. For those unsure which casino to choose, here is a small tip – visit a big dollar casino, and you will not be disappointed.

Live dealers games

This is just one step towards providing the same level and type of gambling experience as land-based casinos. Namely, live dealer games are some of the most popular, mainly because it allows people to interact with other players and dealers at the same time. Of course, this just sparks things up, as it means that you can tease, rejoice and really enjoy your game in a more authentic way.


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Well, this reason is a pretty obvious one, but we need to mention it because many people are not aware of how accessibility can be important when they need to make a decision. If you want to gamble and choose a land-based casino for that, you need to dress up, leave home, go there and play, which can sometimes be pretty annoying. When it comes to online ones, everything is much easier, and all you need is some device with a stable internet connection, and you can gamble from the comfort of your home while sitting in pajamas and eating chips.