Instagram’s oldest and most known metric is likes. Their number can tell a lot about a profile — how cool is the content, how responsible is the audience, etc. To promote your account and make it more popular, you need better engagement and visibility for your content.

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Why do you need only real Instagram likes?


Not every like is the same. Some websites offer cheap options — enormous amounts for really cheap likes from bots or empty accounts. Now, the quality of these items will be lower than average.

Usually, these sites with too-cheap-to-be-good packages are fake — they fill pages with random bots that will be banned by Instagram and immediately removed. There are actually a few solid reasons to choose a better quality option, even though it will cost a little bit more:

  • the algorithm easily detects likes from bots and fake accounts, immediately deleting them. The service deletes them because they clutter free space on servers — valid point. But also, it’s a fair game — these accounts were never supposed to be there in the first place;
  • fake likes to comments ratio looks a bit pathetic: when a user sees 10 followers, 4 posts and each of them has at least 1000 likes — that’s not even suspicious anymore, it’s a poor attempt to look credible. The only way you can get credibility through buying likes is to order them for real people.
  • better engagement. The real activity provides you with real engagement. Fake accounts won’t comment under your posts, and bots won’t provide you with a sincere review.

By buying real likes, you give your latest posts a stable engagement growth that makes the Instagram algorithm work in your favor.

Safety buying tips


To make it as safe as possible both for your account and your personal information, stick only to well-known websites. These already have a certain reputation that they won’t risk — meaning, you can purchase a premium-quality activity package that won’t make your account look suspicious in the eyes of Instagram’s algorithm.

Another good way to make sure the vendor is safe is to see which forms of payment does the website accepts. If it doesn’t support Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal, chances are high these people are trying to scam someone.

This metric is a form of social proof that shows just how much cool is your content. Buying likes from “Soc-Promotion” is the best option as this service provides:

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