Whenever we are talking about casinos, especially online ones, numerous concerns arise. Most of these concerns do not have a ground, but despite that, we are usually concerned about being cheated, about games being rigged, since they are programmed, and a lot of similar other questions.

What most of us, somehow still, do not understand is that there is no way for a casino game, online or offline to be rigged in any way possible, if the casino is legitimate and regulated. Rigging games technically is possible and they can be made in a way to give casinos or game makers a bigger edge, but this is considered illegal and criminal activity. This is why we have regulatory bodies that test and go through all of these games and lines of code to make sure that they are fair to both parties and that they are what is described in the game.

What does allow a casino game to be fair and above all random? Well, the most precise and most clear answer is the RNG or the Random Number Generator. As you can see this is the main topic of our article and we will go through it deeply so stay with us if you want to learn something new.

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What Exactly is RNG?


A random number generator translates physical settings for each game into the digital world where these are determined by the programmers who design the game. If you take a slot game with spinning reels you will have a winning combo in different places in each reel. Each spin of the reels makes the RNG generate a random number, and true RNG uses physical phenomena such as electromagnetic noise to generate numbers instead of algorithms. If you need to visualise this process then you can use the noise of an old CRT screen and take a strip of random black and white dots and make a conversion of black dots as number 1 and white as number 0. When you take 64 black and white dots and you will get a random number which will be converted to a decimal number of up to 20 digits long, for the slot machine. If you have a game with 1000 possible outcomes, all you need are the three last numbers in the decimal system to account for all of them. This random number or its last three or more digits is the only thing that are influencing the result of each spin. The task from there falls onto the mathematics of the game to use that number to calculate where each reel or its animation should stop.

There is another side to RNG in online casinos, but it is not a bad one. This site is a bit more complicated with newer and more sophisticated games that have a large number of various symbols on each reel, plus special features and additional mini-games, free spins and other kinds of bonus rounds. Although this simply complicates the things and maybe increases or decreases your odds a bit, depending on the game and these additional features, it doesn’t change the fact that the generated random number is the only, and THE ONLY thing that is influencing the result of a particular game.


After you read all of this you need to know one thing that is more than certain – without RNG it would be rather difficult to trust that enjoyable gameplay at an online casino is fair to play. RNG is truly awesome because of one more fact it can produce an outcome of between one and several trillion, hundreds of times every single second. What is even more interesting is that this is happening even if you are not operating/playing the game. The RNG algorithm found in online poker, blackjack, roulette and slots operates on a non-cyclic basis. This simply means that every single result output by the RNG is 100% random and has no pattern or cycle over a certain period. Another thing people forget is that RNG works immensely fast and it has already generated numbers and the pattern as soon as you hit the spin button on a slot machine for instance. It is then waiting for the fun little animation to show you what it already prepared as soon as you clicked your mouse or pressed the screen of your phone.

With the RNG that is legit and correct, you are ensured that online casino games are 100% fair and that they will remain like that in future. Thanks to RNG software developers and programmers can focus more on graphics, animations and sounds as well as a plethora of bonus rounds that will help you get the best possible experience out of a certain game.

With all of this said we believe that all of you can now breathe easy and not think about being cheated or hassled by an online casino ever again. This of course goes only if you picked an online casino that is legitimate and has registration and which is under the watchful eye of the casino regulators. These, although, not mentioned often and not right in front of you all the time play a huge role in your protection and in weeding out the bad casinos from the good and legitimate ones.


With the influx of cryptocurrencies, we have had a lot of shady online casinos that weren’t regulated by them and that had games made from new and unknown game makers. These resulted in a lot of people being scammed for their money, information and other things. No matter what day in age we are, being self-aware and always checking everything is still important. You are the only one that can protect yourself in time. Go through the manifest of the online casino, and go through their licences and regulating bodies to find out if they are legit or not.

We wish you the best of luck and may the RNG grace you with its kindness from now on. Watch out for anything and gamble responsibly, as always.