Crime figures are already high and during these troubled times, home security is more important than ever, which is something every Australian homeowner should bear in mind. You only have to read the local newspaper to see how many instances there are of burglary in Australian towns and cities and with that in mind, here are a few ways that you can boost your home security.



If you invest in a few video cameras placed in the right locations, you have eyes 24/7 and thieves avoid properties that have CCTV cameras, for obvious reasons. The cameras should be visible, as this has some deterrent value and if you are wondering where to find a CCTV system, the local locksmith services near me would stock major brands and would be cheaper than a home security company.

2. Security Screens

Made to fit the windows, slimline security screens made from marine quality steel will prevent any attempt at breaking in through a window. If you would like a quote for security screens, an online search will take you to a local supplier, who would be happy to pay you a visit and measure up your windows. You can also put screens on the front and back doors, which means that every entrance point is covered. The screens do not detract from the aesthetics, with slimline steel frames.

3. Infrared Security Systems


Some homeowners prefer a customised home security system that uses motion sensors and infrared beams. You can create zones within the house, which allows you, or your pets to move around without setting off the alarm. Talk to a home security company about top-rated alarm systems and see what they have to offer. Click here for further information about home security.

4. Bring a Dog Into the Family

While there are many benefits to raising a family pet, perhaps the best is that they can act as a guard dog, barking when anyone approaches. Of course, you need the right breed of dog, one that is known to be territorial and if you let him sleep outside, any noise or movement will wake him up. Of course, having a dog doesn’t mean you can afford to rely on your four-legged friend; you also need some other form of home security system in place.

5. Keyless Locking System


The days of carrying a bunch of keys around are almost gone and keyless electronic locks are impossible to pick. Talk to your local locksmith about digital locking systems and they would be more than happy to show you a few well-known brands. You can have a keypad system and give all family members a password, or you could use biometric solutions like fingerprint scanning. Your local locksmith offers a range of security systems at lower prices than regular security system suppliers.

You simply can’t afford to overlook home security, especially during these troubled times and with a local locksmith, you can discover the many ways that you can boost the security in your home.