Craps is an exciting dice game played by many people around the world. It is a great way to have fun and interact with friends, family, or other players who share your passion for this thrilling casino game.

Learning how to play craps can seem daunting at first, but once you understand the basic rules and strategies of the game it becomes much easier to enjoy. In this article, we will cover all the essential information you need to know about how to play craps including rules, different types of bets, and more.

So get ready for some exciting gaming action – let’s learn how to play Craps at JungleRaja casino!

Understanding the Table Layout and Bets

When it comes to craps, understanding the table layout and bets is key. With a variety of different betting options available, players should familiarize themselves with the terms and types of wagers to make informed decisions while at the table.

Depending on what kind of bet you make, some spots may require chips from more than one player. Other times, multiple players can join together in making a single bet. It’s important to understand how these different bets work so that your experience playing craps is both fun and profitable!

The Come Out Roll & Point Established


The come-out roll and point established is the first step in playing craps. To begin a round of craps, the shooter must make a come-out roll. This is the first roll of dice in each new game, and it determines whether the player will win or lose that particular round.

On this initial roll, if a 7 or 11 is rolled then the bettor wins; however, if a 2, 3, or 12 is rolled then they automatically lose their bet. If any other number (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10) comes up on this initial roll then that number becomes known as the point.

The player now has to continue rolling until either rolling the point again which means they have won their bet or else rolling a seven which results in them losing their wager.

3 Tips for Playing Craps

  1. Start small: When it comes to playing craps, it’s important to start with a small wager and get comfortable betting on the game before making any large wagers. That way you can become familiar with the different types of bets that are available and how they work before risking too much money.
  2. Set limits: All players need to set limits on their bankroll in order to avoid going into debt or blowing through their entire budget in one session. Before sitting down at the table, establish a maximum bet amount that cannot be exceeded no matter what happens during play. This will help ensure responsible gaming while maximizing your entertainment value from each round of craps.
  3. Know when to walk away: The house always has an edge in casino games like craps, so it pays off for players to know when they are ahead or behind and call it quits accordingly rather than trying to chase losses or ride streaks of luck indefinitely until everything is gone! Developing this discipline early on will help keep your winnings safe as well as maximize your enjoyment from each session at the table.