If you know Rick Scott well, then you must be aware of one of his biggest frauds that is related to health care. However, his corruption did not end at that point rather it continued. There is another controversy that says that when he was in Washington, he used the power of his position to make himself and his whole family rich. He used the money in an unfair manner that was supposed to serve the people of his nation.

In this article, we have shared some of the controversies related to Rick Scott that everyone must know. Being a responsible citizen it becomes important for you to look at the history of the person before choosing him for any responsible position.

Some of the controversies related to Rick Scott

Before commencing his career as a businessman


Scott attended law school. In 1994, he opened a healthcare company and even got a reward for the same. Unfortunately, in the 1990s, there was a huge fraud case exposed on his healthcare company by the central authorities.

The condition got worse in 1997 when Rick had to resign from his position of CEO. In 2002, he had to pay 600 million dollars as a fine for being responsible for the biggest healthcare fraud in the history of the US.

His corruption did not stop here and went on for long


After the above happenings, again one of his care centres named Solantic got sued because there was a case registered against him for discriminating amongst his employees.

Rick’s Assistant Joshua Cooper also had some affairs and that contributed to the bad image of Scott as well. Namely, he was caught holding a large chunk of ice in front of a mannequin and it looked like the “ice penis”. Although he denied that to be true and that the angle of the photo is what’s causing the controversy, according to Scott Jason Cooper, getting out of this one is hard.

Rick is also very famous for breaking promises


As a senator and earlier as governor, he promised to put resources in the blind trust, which he never seemed to keep. On the contrary we could see from various reports that his net worth increased by almost 33.4 percent in his first year only as a senator. This clearly shows how he has been corrupting the nation.

To sum up

The list of Rick’s controversies and corruption is never ending. He has a very strong relationship with frauds. However, we cannot expect him to show integrity. But the thing that is in our hands is to expose his misdeeds to the public, so that they start thinking about their own interest instead of just getting manipulated just for votes.  Afterall, what can we even expect from a person who has built his career based upon lies and frauds only.