Finding someone on Snapchat without knowing their username or phone number isn’t difficult. It’s also not easy to find someone who hasn’t blocked you on Snapchat. But when you’re looking to make a connection with someone on Snapchat, it’s always nice to be able to get a hold of them. Although there’s a simple way to find someone on Snapchat without knowing their username or phone number.

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media applications today, with over 200 million active users. Like many other social media apps, Snapchat has the characteristic of keeping a user’s contact information private, or they wouldn’t be able to send you messages.

The world of Snapchat is all about sharing—sharing everything from constantly updated selfies and videos of your life to your location, exchange of numbers and even your phone number. This might be a good thing if it wasn’t for those pesky people who don’t want to share their Snapchat information.

Snapchat is a mobile app for iOS, Windows and Android devices. The developer of this application is a public company called Snap. The basic idea of the app is that any photos, videos or messages you send are only available to the recipient for a short period of time, after which they are permanently deleted. This temporary nature of messaging was originally developed to facilitate the natural flow of interaction.

When you join a social media platform, the first thing you should always do after creating a profile is add your loved ones to your friends list. If you’re using Snapchat for the first time, the easiest way to find your friends and family is by typing your username into Snapchat’s search box. What if you don’t have a username? How do you find your friends? There are several ways to find a person on Snapchat.

This blog below lists ways to find friends on Snapchat. It’s a way to get as many views on Snapchat as most of your friends like.

Steps to find people on Snapchat without their number/username


Follow these steps to search and find people on Snapchat:

Use Snapcode to find the person: You can add people on Snapchat if you have their Snapcode.

Step one: You have to ask a friend for a snap code and save it in the camera roll. If you want to add someone from Snapchat, you can also find the Snapcode for Google users. You can find Snapcode on YouTube or other social media.

For Android:

Ask your friends on Snapchat to share their Snapcode with you. To do this, open the application and click on the profile icon on the home page, left side of the screen. Now tap the profile picture and tap Share Snapcode.

Snapcode can be redeemed directly on the iPhone :

Step two: Once you receive the snap code, save it.

Step three: Launch the Snapchat app and select the Add Friends icon.

Message: On the iPhone, when you’re on the profile page, you can also click Add Friends. Click on the Snapcode tab to allow Snapchat to access your photo library and discover the Snapcode.

Step four: Select the snap code in the camera roll and add it as a friend.

Step 5: On the next screen, select Add a Friend.

When you add friends, you can send Snaps with the Cool Face filter or invite them to play Snap games.

2. How to find snapchat users in your area?

If you don’t have your friend’s Snapchat username, you can always add them via Nearby. With Snapchat, that is, Quick Add, you can find friends with Snapchat accounts to enable Quick Add. With this Snapchat feature, you can easily add your friends to Snapchat.

Perform the following steps:

Step one: First, make sure your friend has enabled the Quick Add feature.

Step two: Launch the Snapchat app and select Find->Quick Add Friends.

Step three: This feature allows you to determine whether or not your friends have a Snapchat account. Check the list, add them to your friends list in the social media app.

Use the search engine:

If you have not been added as a friend but your friend has a Snapchat account, follow these steps.

Step one: Launch the Snapchat application.

Step two: Click the Add button on user name. This is useful for people who already know the other person’s username. You can be friends on another social media account.

Step three: Then type your friend’s name into the search field. The application suggests different people based on the name you entered.

Step four: Take a look at the list, and if you find your friends there, add them to your Snapchat contacts.

To find people on Snapchat using a phone number:

If you already have the phone numbers of your Snapchat friends, but don’t know their usernames, you can search for them by phone number.

You must perform the following steps:

Step one: Launch the Snapchat application.

Step two: Click on the Add Friends icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Step three: Now click the All Contacts button on the Add Friends page.

Step four: The All Contacts screen appears; scroll down to find friends who have installed the application. If your entire contact list doesn’t appear on the screen, you’ll need to log in to Snapchat to add people to your contact list. This will also help you if a friend has changed their username.

You can now see a list of contacts who have a Snapchat account.

Step 5: Select Add next to a contact’s name to add them to your account.


Snapchat is one of the most unique social media platforms. You can search for a person in your synchronized contacts. You can also add someone to your Snapchat account with their Snapcode. In short, it’s about different ways to find people on Snapchat without knowing their number or username.Snapchat is a great tool for keeping in touch with your friends and family. You can share funny videos, embarrassing secrets, or all the other stuff teenage and twenty-something kids post on social media. You can add friends, friends add you, and you can see who’s been looking at your Snapchat stories (storyboards) without ever giving out your username or phone number.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you find someone on Snapchat without their username or number?

You can find someone on Snapchat without their username or number by using the search function in the app.

How do I find out someones Snapchat username?

You can find out a friends Snapchat username by asking them for it.

Can you find someone’s Snapchat by email?

No, you cannot find someone’s Snapchat by email.