The new releases of Kodi 17 and Kodi 16 have added a new module called Cerberus, which is a tool to help you with streaming and downloading content. If you’re new to Kodi, this should be a welcome resource! Do you already use Kodi but don’t know what so ever about it? Then this guide is for you!

First of all, you will need to have Krypton 17 of Kodi installed on your device. If you need help, check out our step-by-step guide on the best methods to install Kodi Krypton and Kodi 17 on any device.

The Cerberus add-on is a unique offering prepared by the Rogue Media team. In any case, don’t be fooled by its size. This particular supplement has great things like box sets and mixed content in low and high definition, TV shows and movies all available in a quick and easy way, even people like these famous shows, videos that look huge for you sitting at your computer gawking.

Before you start, be sure that this addon is not part of the official Kodi repository. If you have a question or need information, don’t go to the Kodi website, contact the Rogue Media team to get all the information you need.

Cerberus-Reaper is a new addition to Kodi for watching movies and TV shows. In this addon, you will find the following sections: Movies, people, TV and collections. It’s a one-click game extension, so you don’t have to search through the server list, which is always nice. It takes up space in the Cerberus repository, which must be installed first, and then in Cerberus.

You can also install the Reaper add-on. If you already have this repository installed, you can continue with the required steps. Overall, this is a combination of SD/HD quality that you should definitely try after installation.


How do I install Cerberus on Kodi

1. 1. In Kodi, go to the Home screen
2. Select system
3. Open the file manager
4. Click on Add Source and enter
. 5. Write ARES in the lower field
6. Press OK
7. Return to the main screen
8. Select system
9. Select Addons
10. Click Install from zip file
12. Wait for the notification of the activation of the
addon 13. Installation from archive
15. Click on Video Add-on
16. Select the music source
17. Click on the Install button.

How do I install Cerberus on Kodi 17 Krypton

1. First, download Kodi 17
2. From there, navigate to the HOME
screen 3. Select Addons
4. Press the Settings
button 5. Release unknown resources
6. Now return to the HOME
screen 7. Press the Settings
button 8. Select File Management
9. Click Add Source
10. Enter in the upper box
11. Now enterARES PROJECTin the lower field
12. Select OK
13. Return to the HOME
screen 14. And then additions
15. Select Addon Browser
16. Installation from zip file
18. Enter
19. Wait for the notification of the activation of the addon
20. Now choose Install from archive
22. Select the video extension
23. Select the music source