While rest and relaxation are always important when it comes to any aspect of our health as well as our beauty, taking additional measures to secure all of those are well-maintained is important. The act of self-care is all about making sure we stay the best person we can be while engaging in some proper unwinding.

The basic set of self-care activities include getting enough sleep, eating well, and engaging your body in some fitness. However, these are far from the only things you can do. There are plentiful great products on the market that enhance our self-care, upcoming few paragraphs should give you a better idea of which products to look for to enhance your overall health and happiness.

1. Lifearound2angels bath bomb set


The use of bath bombs is something people usually assume is purely for aesthetical effects. Little do they know that these balls of color also work as moisturizers and are one of the best solutions for dry or damaged skin. When a bath bomb is put inside of a bath it fizzles up, loosening damaged layers of skin in the process.

This helps us get rid of the weakest parts of our skin while allowing new ones to be formed. On top of that, the oils found in bath bombs are super moisturizing, allowing us to refresh our skin with a great hydrating experience leaving it soft.

The Lifearound2angels bath bomb set provides you with 12 such bath bombs which all possess different motifs but equally therapeutic and moisturizing effects. They also make for great gifts for friends and family, their effects serve everybody. Allow your loved ones or yourself some fresh and easy skincare by purchasing these bath bombs.

2. Act + Acre Restorative hair mask


The constant stress of our lives can negatively affect every part of our bodies. The added lack of care that comes from the constant rush of our everyday lives especially damages our hair. As a solution some serious self-care is necessary. While giving it a proper wash and ingesting food that helps it recover is a good step towards it we should look towards some decent products to support it as well.

The Act+Acre restorative mask is a deeply conditioning mask rich in proteins, vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants that will do wonders for your damaged hair. It works on all hair types and to top it all off it comes from Sana. This leading organization in the cosmetics industry has worked alongside Esti Prager Miami based wellness expert. Prager has worked with multiple organizations, aiming to showcase the best products one can buy in terms of self-care and Sana has been one of her key experiences.

3. OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener


While our skin and hair are under a constant barrage of outside factors out nails can suffer along with them. This will usually come in the form of brittle nails so enhancing their strength is key. This is helped by OPI’s special product. Nail Envy, a nail strengthener that provides maximum nail strengthening with wheat protein and calcium it contains. It will also make your nails easier to do a manicure on due to their healthy predisposition. This self-care product doesn’t only help you, it enhances other treatments as well.

4. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face and Body Stick Sunscreen


It is summer after all so it only figures one of our entries ends up being sunscreen. The high heat and sunny day may be great for sunbathing and beach trips but proper protection always comes first. Neutrogena’s sunscreen stick allows you to achieve that without leaving a noticeable white cover on your skin or making you feel greasy. It does have a bit of a scent but it’s barely noticeable, even if it is a nice scent. This stick sunscreen has an SPF of 70 which will provide ample protection while being very easy to store due to the item’s size.